Sustainable is the new sexy

You probably hear this word more and more lately. Sustainable.

We don't talk about it just because is fashionable. Our current world situation with global warming and efforts in using less plastic and recycle it , are the hot topics of nowadays. We have got all the red flags to become more aware of our habits and their consequences.

Our actions permanently has a mirror in our surroundings . It's very well known that fast fashion it's a big part of the problem as it relies on plastic fabrics and enormous carbon footprint to erosion of workers rights, who are treated very poorly and pushed to produce more and faster. 

Fast fashion is responsible for around 20% of industrial water pollution, as result of textile treatment and dyeing, for 10% of total carbon emissions , and 15% of total plastic used. Fashion shouldn't cost the earth.


If we keep up this way , it's estimated that by 2050 there will be greater volume of plastic than fish in the ocean. Today, studies says that one in four fishes ingested plastic , a fraction that seems to be growing with time. So if you eat fish, you could be eating plastic too. 

Sustainable fashion or slow fashion is a movement towards a greater ecological integrity and social justice.

There is another reason why ethical brands are gaining popularity. The products are made to last longer and not for one time use.

Sustainable means making an effort. We really focus on reducing the harm that is made to people and to our beautiful planet. We source and manufacture our products in an ethical way in Bali, Indonesia. 

Change starts with one. And you can support this movement of a better future for everyone, simply by choosing a green business. Looking good and doing good.

What can be more empowering? Part of feeling like a goddess is living consciously with the wellbeing of our planet in mind. 


January 27, 2022 — Denisa Ciocoiu