Inspired by the moon. 

Defined by the ocean.

Embraced by you.

Starting our inspiration from the Wiccan goddess, the triple lunar moon, it's a complex association as the moon has it's unique cycle in relationship with Earth. The power of the moon makes possible manifestation of all change. What do we want to manifest?

MOON SWIM is a luxury brand designed by a former fashion model on the beautiful island of Bali. She founded Moon Swim as a way to slow down, reconnect with the power of nature, and give back to Earth. Ultimately, our goal is to call out all women who want to feel at home in their bodies and next to the sea by providing beautiful sustainable swim pieces that feel good to wear.

With each of our swimwear designs, we highlight the powerful, graceful energy of the woman. And we encourage her to keep dreaming and manifesting a luxurious, connected life , with the wellbeing of Earth in mind. Our goal is to make woman feel beautiful, empowered and confident.

The moon controls the oceans, pulling the tide in and out of her grasp - just as you pull the strings of your bikini. And with each cinch and tie, you are a goddess. Because this movement is something you can control, pooling fashion with intention to be energized, elegant, and seen by all who gaze upon the waters of the moon.

Part of feeling like a goddess is living consciously with our planet in mind. So, we will also be donating a portion of profits to aid ocean cleanup efforts. 

What could be better than swimming in crystal clear water knowing that your choice of beautiful swimwear helps to keep it that way?